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All i want for Christmas is...

Miss Tourism at

That son'nafe gun!!!

Marcus Schamarcus 3 June 07 ~ 1 November 07

Happy Raya to all

Reality Check!

Road to Anfield

she's lucky to have someone love her so much like this

All dogs go to heaven

Not tonight honey, wait 'til I'm a size 6. ~Susan Reinhardt

The golden paste

Yeah. Pure & Naive my *ss!!!

Captain Fantastico

I believe we can make a difference...

They delivered the message!

Kasi chance la aku merapu

No more after this...

Walking lamppost

I desperately need to get my mojo back!

In tears ... this is too amazing!

Ouch! You've been told!!!

The new 7

Are U Masturbating?

This is an emergency. Horses need help!



I am addicted...

Pheewit Part 2

Save Me!

You want success, this is what u gotta do!

LIFE as it is...


Introducing Pheewit

It's Green Day today :)