I desperately need to get my mojo back!


1 of the things that i drew when i'm bored in class long time ago in college. Found it while searching for some books to read. Haha... Other things that i drew are my lecturer's face or just some scribblings on paper.


It's a global film event where people all over the world seeing the same films at once. Isn't that cool???!!!! It's a day of uniting the world... be informed. Check this site out. You want to make a difference, then check out the trailer below :


Nezjoe said…
you have talent la!
PrincessRen said…
butaseni : haha tq tq. tapi tak boleh lawan hasil kerja seni u laaa.. lagi hebat!

nezjoe : adalah talent sikit2... urs is much2 more than mine aper :P

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