Colorblind Man Sees Purple For The First Time

Colorblind man sees 'real' colors for the first time is an overwhelming video to see because i realized how ungrateful and ignorant we are. See all the beautiful colors around you... appreciate life more. Less complaining and work hard.

The company who invented the spec is and it cost around RM 1,500++. Using linear programming and perceptual psychophysics, the EnChroma team created a filter that virtually cures the wearer's colorblindness. 

Brought tears to my eyes, just because what we take for granted, people like Ethan take it like he's standing on top of Everest.

Big Game

Another movie to look forward to. Tell me, who doesn't love Samuel L Jackson, mathafacka? haha... Air Force One was shot by terrorist and the president escaped, all alone in the wilderness of Finland, and instead of his guards saving him, it's an unexpected boy who went for a hunting spree, could be the best man to save his life? Ok, thats the gist i got from watching the trailer and the rest is history. Good trailer, might be a good movie. I don't know. Wait for my reviews. #biggame #comingsoon #movies2015 #samuelljackson #uspresident

Must watch movies

I still have this habits of watching trailers on and i must say i'm more picky nowadays of what i want to watch. 2 movies caught my attention and i'm looking forward to watch them in the cinema next month. When i say movies worth watching, it's movies not downloaded, but must watch in the cinema, plus Blake Lively looks gorgeous in The Age of Adaline, and George Clooney sounds sexy in the Tomorrowland. Both movies uniquely tell stories that i have never seen before in any movies. So its fresh and i like new creative storyline.

#ageofadaline #blakelively #moviescomingsoon #tomorrowland

Mother's Day Wishes

Happy mother's day to my mum Josie. She is the most special woman in my life. I know at times i hurt u deeply, but please do know i want nothing but happiness in your life. I love you always and forever.

Mitchie Brusco at the X Games

Look at this kid, Mitchie Brusco, at just 14, has becoming a pro at the X Games. I remembered watching the Asian X Game, back in 2003, the first ever held in Kuala Lumpur. What happened to our courageous skaters? Malaysians should be more passionate. Our youngsters need to be more focus, creative and grateful individuals who look forward to everything in  life. Not just staying at home playing games. Am just saying...

The Last

The 5Ws of the one loved
Who: The fantasy, the make-believe that things are actually true.
What: The depth, the inside jokes, the best friend.
When: Young lovers who our older self will reminisce.
Where: I will be everywhere just to be with you.
Why: Because before you I don't truly understand what I was looking for

You're the last... my best friend... you're what i'm looking for... my last. My Who, My What, My When, My Where and My Why...