Tuesday, September 13, 2016

I was indeed blind. I lost my path but God, you have never left me in my time of need. You're always there and i fail to notice it many many times. Please lead me to the right path and magnify my gratitude everyday. I'm blessed and thank you the angels who always at my side. I'm deeply grateful. Amen

Success driven by fear

I don't normally talk much about what i'm doing in life especially on the professional side mostly because it's a bitter sweet journey. I'm not there yet but i will be very very soon... what matters is i got this very stubborn... so soooo stubborn i don't know where i got it from. The never give up attitude. Failures? Hundreds... Success? A good few, but im getting there.

Dear God,

Thank you, Lord, for the blessings you have bestowed on my life.

Gracious God, in the busy-ness of my day, I sometimes forget to stop to thank you for all that is good in my life.

My blessings are many and my heart is filled with gratefulness for the gift of living, for the ability to love and be loved, for the opportunity to see the everyday wonders of creation, for sleep and water, for a mind that thinks and a body that feels.

I thank you, too, for those things in my life that are less than I would hope them to be. Things that seem challenging, unfair, or difficult. When my heart feels stretched and empty, and pools of tears form in my weary eyes, still I rejoice that you are as near to me as my next breath and that in the midst of turbulence, I am growing and learning.

In the silence of my soul, I thank you most of all for your unconditional and eternal love.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

The Inner Child

Few times i thought of how little me would look at the adult that I am today. What would she see? How would she see me? Would she feel safe with me, would she look up to me? I think this performance is the wake up call I needed and asked for...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

If I could only turn back time...

If... if... if 'IF' is a magical word that can bring you back in time
I would go back to this
Because it's so near to my dream
So close you can even breath the air in NYC

IF and if it's only IF
If only I knew that destiny would lead to this
I would steer my path a different way
Long time ago

But it's too late
Time can be your worst enemy

IF only I could turn back time
I would be a New Yorker long time ago
A New Yorker

Friday, July 17, 2015

Colorblind Man Sees Purple For The First Time

Colorblind man sees 'real' colors for the first time is an overwhelming video to see because i realized how ungrateful and ignorant we are. See all the beautiful colors around you... appreciate life more. Less complaining and work hard.

The company who invented the spec is http://enchroma.com/ and it cost around RM 1,500++. Using linear programming and perceptual psychophysics, the EnChroma team created a filter that virtually cures the wearer's colorblindness. 

Brought tears to my eyes, just because what we take for granted, people like Ethan take it like he's standing on top of Everest.