They delivered the message!

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There's only 1 Iraq and Iraq belongs to it's people. Now, FAM Malaysia, what do you have to say to yourself for firing Jorvan Vieira few years ago? To the Iraqians, I hope that with the winning, it'll open lots of eyes and i pray that peace will prevail in your country. Amen!


bola2api said…
their president is giving them USD 10k each... well deserved!!
butaseni said…
allah huakbarrr!!iraq boleh(dalam negaranya terumbang-ambing)
malaysia boleh tak? :D

glory man utd! hehe
khairold said…
liverpool belilah player iraq untuk menang league cup!
Mak Su said…
tak disangka-sangka... juara baru
Nezjoe said…
hi babe,
lama tak singgah sini
sorry busy sikit
well, FAM have to swallow the fact that they're sux!
hands down!
betul tak?

i respect la those iraqis..
gila profesional
PrincessRen said…
bola2api : oh really? i din know that. But its worth it. I sedih laa they all cannot celebrate in their own country :(

butaseni : hahahaahaha.. ish sempat promo MU lagi tuh...

khairold : hahah yeah right. very funny. but aper salahnyer... i dont see any problem. weh jgn lupa kita punyer betting ar at the end of the season... siap ko :P hahahaha

mak su : hehe. tuh i suka bola.. part yg tak disangka-sangka tuh lah yg paling best sekali.

nezjoe : hey u. so sorry jugak i dah lama tak bertandang to your blog. Same goes to the others.. bz giller nih.. huhu. nak menyara idup 10 kucing kat rumah.. hahahahaha

yeah FAM sux. tapi terpikir maybe not entirely their fault.. kalu semangat jaung tuh tinggi kita bleh menang jugak. betul tak? :)
PrincessRen said…
sorry. jaung = juang.. typo error.. :P
- G O R O - said…
Iraq dah menang Asia Cup.. Liverpool leh menang EPL? tekanan hebat tue.
PrincessRen said…
g o r o : hahahah no presure lah.. biasa je.. paling terok pun no2. je...

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