Yeah. Pure & Naive my *ss!!!

"I have a naive team, they are naive because we do not have divers, we do not have violent people we do not have nasty tackles. We do not have people diving into swimming pools, Chelsea is a naive team. It is a pure team, that is my opinion." - Mourinho

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Nezjoe said…
typical moanrinho

that's why i dont have any respect on him...
hate to say this.. i think sir fergit is better la...
but our senor is the best
if they're naive, then im a little red riding hood - rafa


bloody genius!
butaseni said…
hehe dia tu kalau bab nak create attention dari orang serah kat dia.tengok alex furgeson cool je kan?hehehehe
rafa banitez pun cool,tapi sebab english dia tak bagus hahahahaha
(princess & nezjoe,gurau jek haha)
Nezjoe said…
heheh butaseni!

babe, you've been tagged
Abu Soffian said…
Babe...Happy Merdeka day
PrincessRen said…
nezjoe : who wud have respect for morinho anyway? hahahah.. but just imagine the league without him. HOnestly, i thnk he's an interesting and funny character tho... i'll do the meme nxt wk or a bit later... bz gilos :P

butaseni : english dia ok aper.. hahahaha..

abu : selamat hari merdeka... aduh tv show ari nih bosan nyeeee

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