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Who are these people??!??

My 24 hrs kinda look like this... SIGH!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Happy Deepavali


be gracious, beam, express friendliness, express tenderness, grin, laugh, look amused, look delighted, look happy, look pleased, simper, smirk

Silly things people bought from Ebay

Did i ask the right question?

5 questions most feared by men

Today i was bz doin' nothing... actually.

Who knows the mind of a cat?

Dark Toilet....

Snake & a dead tree...

Dance with my papa

Dedication to myself

Message to PM

Lawak.. hahaha. mmg lawak

The Reason...

To express with or as if with an audible exhalation...

Worth knowing, i guess

Ouch!... Loving session ends in pandemonium.

Liverpool vs Blackburn

People who did this to the tiger should rot in HELL...

Multipurpose Card


Raya Spirit

Word Verification

My sense of humor..

woot! woot! check out the new Video ipod...


Puppy for adoption (Urgent)

One last thing...

Stewpid Questions

Can you spot me?

Angelina Jolie is the coolest person on earth


Makan masa puasa




Eminem Talking banned

Yesterday's game


Never forget your friends...