Normally, every month i would do the same thing. Boring kan? keep doing the same thing. But then, October is a bit special to me actually. Well, this is the month i would start humming all the Christmas songs. haha... not only that. i will listen to christmas songs at work. sampai my colleague pun tak faham. hehe.. ok, i just love the season ok. It's not about the gifts at all. It's the spirit of Christmas. I guess it came a bit early for me, every year. oh man, the clock is ticking. It's almost end of the year again. What change is that we're getting older. that's all i think.

"Feliz navidad, feliz navidad, feliz navidad..."

hmm...hmmhmmmhmmmmhmmmmmhmmmhmmmmmhmmm hmmmh mmhmhmm hmmmh mhmm hmm hmm hmmmh mmhmmh mhm hmm...

now who can guess what i'm humming up there? hehe


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