Who are these people??!??

Source : Premier League

Wigan is second in the league? Yeah, u heard me, they are 2nd. Unbelievable, kan? Eventough Liverpool won yesterday, i think they played just okay, not too impressive. Chelsea vs Blackburn was exciting. And MU? I should have watched this one with an MU fan...


Loc Kee said…
hehe u should have watch the Midlebog vs MU match with them, then you could see how they cry..... KNN MU... *^!@#$%

halo nice meet u... me 1st time here leh :p
PrincessRen said…
hi. welcome. nice to meet u too. hehe... yeah. me keep on imagining watching that game with MU. :)
pyan said…
I watched a bit of the game. Until the penalty taken by... whose that guyz name ntah :P LOL!

But the main thing is that MU kalah.
hehehehe. And Alhamdulillah, Liverpool menang.

2-0 is a start. Need to add more fire and spicy curry to the team... :)

Maybe they should import Bambang Pamungkas. LOL!
pyan said…

Nanti tambah alagi satu blog aku


tq tq


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