Angelina Jolie is the coolest person on earth

No matter what bad things people say about her, I think she has one of the nicest and the most unselfish soul around. Honestly, she's my hero. You will see how remarkable this person is based on the amount of works and efforts that she has put in to do things that she truly believes in. Thank you for the great deeds you do in life.

See her audiovisual diary about her 5 day visit to Congo in 2003 -> Click Here

Here are her other links:
  1. Angelina Jolie's Refugee Journal
  2. Official Jolie at UNCHR Website
"That is how violence continues to grow. When you are hungry, tortured, and your women are raped, you become desperate and violent. You've been brutalized, then you start to be brutal." - Angelina Jolie


sumpit said…
rajin betul ko chk out angelina jolie..
yeah, read lots about her recently, simply couldnt agree more..she's beautiful both inside and out....

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