Don't Worry Be Happy

Damn i don't have the time to write about lumut yet. Been really really busy lately. Busy that i have to work also tomorrow. All this because wanna buy a bike. Want it, work hard to get it! Unless, if anyone is willing to sponsor me? hehe.. erm seriously, anyone???!!! Need to smile or ketawa macam orang giller tengok monitor, see this video! Cool Dawg!!!


Anonymous said…
if you have a bike, then it'll be 'i just feel like cycling', hmmm, doesn't have that ring to it.

pity the song is not full, then again, not a dog man.
PrincessRen said…
bahan kelabu : hahahaahah yeah that does sounds weird... just leave it as i just feel like runnning.. hv to find other interesting quote for cycling tho...

yeah when i'm bored, i follow the dog's dance.. damn i do look stuoid doing it.. hehe

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