It's damn HOT!!!

  • sigh. It's the heat. Can't stand it. Don't get fooled by the heavy, dark cloud sometimes in the evening. it's not going to rain.

  • i was forced to take a holiday for the past 4 days. normally i will be working even on festive season. tapi this new management at my office is so damn strict laaa. now, they even close on weekends. matilah camni. now i need to install jaring at my house. PRONTO!!!

  • i was sick on CNY. this is what happen if i was forced to take a holiday because i've been working my ass without holiday since last year. even going back to kpg is not holiday for i have lots of things to do. not just sitting or lying there on the couch. But last weekend? gosh. i had headache of thinking wat to to do next. i tried my best to wake up really late this past few days but at 9, my eyes will automatically be wide open. and then i tried to stay in bed, trying to continue sleeping till 12 which was useless. lying there motionless, staring at the ceiling, definitely can kill your brain cells. seriously. and then to kill the time, i tried to count the clouds at sight, passing the corridor. from 9 to around 12, i manage to count 13 clouds. aaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhh.. bosannyer. i need to get a real hobbies soon.

  • went out with few friends, drinking and playing some good games of pool. should do this more often i guess.

  • Got this comment from my best friend, ET in the last post.
    kah kah kah.. i got weird comments like dat too sometimes..but with u, the weirdest must be tht uncle gatal yg slapped yr butt during one of our weekly ice-skating sessions, sewel...he actually thot you were from, of all countries, belgium!!!and the other time tu, must be masa pak guard stopped u so tht he could return wht he thot was your wallet, padahal IC dlm tu clear2 muka aku, to think tht he could not differentiate muka kita dua yg langsung tak sama! another sewel-but-helpful bugger...
    hahaha. true. i almost forgot about that old man at the Sunway's ice-skating rink. mmg gatal pun. ada ke muka i nih dia kata from belgium? just few days ago, somebody asked me whether i'm from Singapore or Brunei. me talking in fluent malay, dia boleh tanya i nih malaysian ke tak? lagi sewel . sigh.. it's the slang lah kot. sometimes, i sendiri pun dah confuse where i'm from.

    hehe.. nway, back to old man, maybe he's confused thinking i'm from belgium because i coloured my hair blonde at the time. eee.. geli aku. biller limpas jer, asyik-asyik nak pegang org. yeah true. sexual harassment at the ice-skating rink. weh ET, biller nak pegi ice skating? dah lama tak pergi... hehe.

  • and everyone, go watch Fearless. Cool giller siot. nak mampos punyer best. Any Jet Li punyer movie mesti turn out good punyer lah. no regrets. ntah, macam best jer.


et said…
Jom! aku pon dah gian nak ice-skate :D
gazard said…
Gong Xi Gong Xi! Just back from CNY, the weather is real hot, I'm sweating now...
abu_harraz said…
ko ni klakor la mary. kira cloud...hehehehe
PrincessRen said…
et : Jom! ko cakap jer biller ok?

Gazard : gong xi 2x. yeah it's belardi HOT man. swimming for hours yesterday. and i'm still hot today.

hucs : biaserlah. like u donno me. everything that i do always seem funny to people.

six_cents : hi mate!!! :D

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