Love and not much hate actually

What a good sport that Scolari right? After the game, he gave rafa the pat on the face. LOL..despite the red card given to Lampard. But i have to admit memang bodoh punyer referee. But then again the referee didn't do anything when Bosingwa kick Benayoun's ass.

And the red card was given to Lampard in place of that incident. Maybe, i'm not so sure but if u perasan in any game pun, kalu referee tersilap or they terlepas certain incidents they will make sure that they take out their cards in the next foul.

Anyway, liverpool had a good start of season and by the 10 or 12 games, people - some friends already hinting that "hey, looks like Liverpool will finally win it this season yeah?!!!"... and as usual i laugh it off and say nahhhhhh.. tooooo earlylah. After december then we will know who will win it... my usual answer that is.

Earlier it was all draw with wigan, everton and stoke. That was just 4 games. We win a lot maaa in earlier games. That doesnt count it seems. Somebody keep msg me "Hey the 1 point expert"... LOL. Now thats funny. It also seems that when liverpool is playing against the lesser team, they tend to lose or draw... especially when we're playing home (anfield)...

Anyway, its everybody's race to the no.1 spot. I never say it's gonna be easy...


Long time no chat with you... I am fine and alive. Now in London. Have been following liverpool. When you think they have excelled, they are not. When they have a serious game, then they will be up for it. If not, sigh... a draw with stoke city? What a waste.

I am watching the matches on TV here. The same what I did in Malaysia. A real match on game day is too expensive. Sigh...
PrincessRen said…
yalaaa DV. very bz and i was hardly on YM for long time oredi. Ur blog is not active anymore?

what u doing in London? Study or work?

Anyway, thats liverpool.. love or hate them they never cease to surprise us with the big winsss :)

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