2nd round WC games are exciting... worth the late night sleeps

Nih sajer je nak deviate from the World Cup topic sekejap. back to liverpool... "To me he is one of the best midfielders in the world" - Pele (Steven Gerrard of Liverpool)

Footballing Legend Pele has revealed that he is a huge fan of Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard.

Pele believes that the world class talent of the our midfield general would fit very nicely into the Brazilian team.

‘Brazil is not a defensively-minded team and Gerrard is always going forward and he would play in my team, no doubt,’ enthused Pele.

‘Gerrard is an excellent player, absolutely world-class. If I was a manager, everywhere I went I would buy Steven Gerrard.

‘He is what Brazil needs, because he is always looking forward and has a big heart.

‘Two years ago I saw Gerrard play and then I saw him in Tokyo in a game against Sao Paulo. I said then that Gerrard is a great player. To me he is one of the best midfielders in the world. He is an excellent player.’


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