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India's four-year-old "Forrest Gump" banned from running marathons. Source: SG News Yahoo (now i wonder what shoe is that he's wearing.. hmm)

'Forrest Gump' banned
A 4 year-old Indian child who ran 65km in 7 hours last week was yesterday banned by welfare officials from running marathons. The child welfare department of Orissa announced the ban following a medical report that Budhia Singh was "undernourished, anemic and under cardiological stress."
Source: TheStar

Here this boy in India running 65km in 7 hours, and i'm worried about the 15km race in 2 weeks time? Sigh... I'm doing more hill runnings nowadays. The 2 races before this have lots of killing hills and i should concentrate more on that, mainly on strengthening my leg. So today, instead of going on the elevator, i go up to the 10th floor of my office by the staircase. Sigh, need to do this everyday sebab by the 7th floor i dah semput. No good. So, going up the stair case i will, everyday.

i train on this killing hill this morning... only did 2 rounds sebab it felt heavy every seconds you climb that really steep hill. coming down was a speedy one. itu pun i kene slow sikit sebab takut tergolek ke bawah... hehe.

Princess trying to attract attention everytime i nak baca paper. Kene halau nih lah jadinyer. Merajuk duduk on the DVD player and look u in the eye... takkkuuuuttttttt... hehe.

at 5.30 this morning. Mallaaaaaaasssssnyer nak bangun. Muka tension and ngantuk giller... and 5 seconds after this pic taken, tidur balik for another 20 minutes. arrrghhhh kene lari.. bangun, brush my teeth, minum air, and i'm out of that door.


Wow, you look hot gal!!!

yummy!! winks
gazard said…
Wah, wake up so early... see, this abang is impressed! ^_~
che'fara said…
i tak lari dengan my brother.dia dah ke depan dah that day.i asked my dad aka the banker if i can join the new balance race tuh kan.he said expensive lah angah oii.
aiyoh.i wanna join oso.tak kera.tak kera.i lepas lari lepas amik sijil terus balik ngan my bro.oh lupa we go eat at mcd after that and balik naik lrt.

newaysss,,,,,,,, thank you for running for me.nanti i belanja nasi ayam takdak nasi lebih okay.hehe.

take care there.
che'fara said…
oh luper nak ckp.sungguh hot gucci mama lah anda neh.hehe phewittt!
PrincessRen said…
SleekBlackMercedes : erm thank you... haha...

gazard : abang??? hahah.. ye bang. kene bgn awal coz the air is really fresh in the morning :D

che'fara : owh it's ok that u can't join that NB run. there be more 10K runs next mth... i'm gonna join as well. I'm still thinking about that half marathon. whether i'm ready for that or not. i'll keep that nasi ayam in mind. hehe...
dSaint said…
LOL@mary... welcome to my world. susahkan nak bangun?
Gravt Kills said…
wah princess givin a scary merajuk look on the dvd player hehehe...u better buy her a can of wet food to pujuk her
PrincessRen said…
dsaint : sigh dsaint.. that's a big challenge for me in the morning. i have 3 alarms to wake me up in the morning.. my clock, my hp and my body clock ;D

gravt kills : hehe well that's my princess.. merajuk most of the time. the only thing that can cheer her up is a can of wet food. hahah.. love her and her sister, Ren so much :D
Stupe said…
suprisingly...kalau ada race, pukul 4.30 pagi pon boleh bangun..kalau kena pergi kerja...fuh...nak bangun pukul 9 pun payah!
PrincessRen said…
stupe : sigh stupe, agree giller2. hehe.. but for my morning run, i sanggup bgn pukul 5.30 nowadays. Last time, even 8.30 is even too early for me. hehe... but of course race punyer pasal, 4.30 pun rela bgn. who wouldn't?
Wendy said…
ahahhahahaa i totally agree with stupe.

i wake up earlier on sunday and public holidays than the usual days.

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